VA - True And Psyche Tales

by Various Artists



In Greek "Psyche" means "Soul", though being such a small part of the universe it's too rich in emotions. It can neither be divided not deleted,it's eternal,and having no age limits it's not under the control of time. Only sound can reach the magnificence of soul,and spilling in fractal drops would start playing with it and telling it about the way to the freedom giving birth to the dance of devotedness to universe (the whole world) and taking it through the trance flood to the starting point of harmony. Here it is - the true beauty of both the transcendental flight and the dance of soul. Clocktail Records - express their sincere gratitude to the listener and every person who is native to them who assisted in creating this compilation, they are the unified whole as the Supersoul is the only one for all!


released September 17, 2009

Mastered by: Syncmasters Studio

Design Artwork by: Juaho

Compiled by: dj MindWarp



all rights reserved


clocktailrecords Odessa, Ukraine

ClockTail Records has its roots deep in the underground scene of psychedelic mission which producing psychedelic night music with no boundaries or sectarianism;
New, fresh, twisted, pumping double-dipped fusion between powerful psychedelic and groovy twisted sounds direct from the dancefloor.
The founder by dj MindWarp who has been part of the psychedelic scene for many years. since 1996
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Track Name: Konflux And Cognoscenti - Trip Ping
Trip Ping
Track Name: Tsabeat - Too Much Pressure
Too Much Pressure
Track Name: Jaws Underground - P.N.R. (Point Of No Return)
Point Of No Return
Track Name: Terraformers Vs Phonic Request Vs Illegal Machines - Le Phacomochere (New Edit)
Le Phacomochere (New Edit)
Track Name: Ocelot - Where R U Going
Where R U Going
Track Name: Quasar - Ode To Robert Anton Wilson
Ode To Robert Anton Wilson (Sample voice of Goa Gil)
Track Name: Arahat - Mutated Forest
Mutated Forest
Track Name: Bodhi 13:20 - Hidden Memorandum
Hidden Memorandum
Track Name: Orca And Cactus - Killing Kit
Killing Kit
Track Name: Electrypnose - Ornic (Synthetik Chaos Rmx)
Ornic Remixed by Synthetik Chaos
Track Name: Plankton - Omega And The Fatty Acids
Omega And The Fatty Acids